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PR is vital to any organization to keep your audience informed, and engaged in order for you to have continued success.

About Us

The Patton Agency is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations build strong and positive relationships with their audience. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in creating strategic communication plans tailored to meet our client's unique needs.

Our team of talented professionals is passionate about delivering exceptional PR services that help our clients achieve their goals. Whether it's media relations, event planning, crisis management, or social media strategy, we are committed to delivering results that exceed our client's expectations.

Our Services

We study your business so we can apply the right strategies. We put in the work to make sure your brand is seen by those who can make an impact on your business.

Brand Story

It all starts with a good story - and that's something we are passionate about here at The Patton Agency

Brand Development

Brands are never static. The Patton Agency evolves with you to meet changing times, trends, and customer needs.


We point your business in the right direction, using a mix of foresight and insight.

Social Media Management

Getting your story out there can be tricky. That's where our savvy content pros step in.

Al a Carte Services

Don't have the budget for a full PR Contract or Service? No Worries! We have services that are done on a project only basis.

Event Coordination

Have an event? We can secure the venue and create generate the publicity to get your event noticed.

Sherese Patton is a seasoned communications expert and visionary leader with an unyielding passion for storytelling. With years of experience in the public relations industry, she has carved a niche for herself by crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences across various platforms. As the Founder and Principal Publicist of The Patton Agency, Sherese has curated an exceptional team of professionals who share her dedication to excellence and her unwavering commitment to the clients they serve.

She is a graduate of Full Sail University where she graduated with a Master of Arts in Public Relations. She started The Patton Agency (previously named SLP Media Relations) in February 2018 and has worked in PR/Marketing, branding, and design for over 4 years, with large, established, and start-up brands. She has the drive and knowledge to bring your brand to new heights and reach your visibility goals.

About Our Founder

Over the course of this journey, The Patton Agency has secured features on several blogs, and in digital magazines such as She Is Magazine, Hustle and Soul Magazine, and Forbes. She has been a guest on several podcasts and digital panels. Sherese is based in Detroit, MI where she was born and raised.

Sherese's approach to public relations goes beyond traditional tactics; she embraces innovation and embraces the evolving landscape of digital media, leveraging cutting-edge tools and trends to maximize exposure for her clients. Her strategic prowess has garnered attention, resulting in numerous industry accolades and recognition as a thought leader in the realm of PR and communications.

"This is my way of bridging the gaps I saw in the industry, and of bringing a distinctive and personalized approach to the science and art of branding."

Outside the boardroom, Sherese is an advocate for diversity and inclusion, championing causes that matter and using her platform to bring attention to social issues. Her passion for giving back to the community is evident in The Patton Agency's involvement in various charitable initiatives and partnerships with organizations making a positive impact on society.

“I love my city! It made me who I am and is home to some of the most legendary individuals. I'm just happy to be apart of the list of those people”

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